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Dating and relationships...

(I really should do this almost everyday, if not every other day.)

Okay so here's my problem with relationships.
I don't like them really. Sometimes I think I want one because I like the whole kissing, hugging and hanging out stuff but really, those are just the beginning of things. Once everything gets serious, everything falls apart. Like the guy I'm dating now, every time he kisses me or does something for me, I can't back away. I want more. and every time he does something stupid I get aggravated and want to walk away. I just want to have my happily ever after or something that doesn't cause me to get mad or end up in tears. Just saying.

Super sad day

I miss Ian already. He's one of those good guys you never find and now he's leaving back for a different city 4 hours away from where I live. his isn't cool :[

Dec. 15th, 2010

I've gotten very attached to this song. Makes me think of things that have happened in my past and things that I wish my future would be like. It makes me want to cry sometimes. Knowing you can't have something that means a lot to you.
Why do I always attract the weird guys?? It is really bothering me :/


So I'm in the library doing stuff with Ryan rofl no not that kind of stuff you dirty minded people :P
So I'm not dating anyone. Horray. boys are retarded. I'm working a job and going to school full time. I'm a beast dude.
I miss you Christina a lot. I'm so mad at myself for not flying out like i said i would. Work wouldn't let me take anytime off. It made me so mad.

College and stuff

Well, college is around the corner and my boyfriend and me are probably never going to see each other for a very very long time. D: I miss him already. But he did get us rings. They are the "True Love Waits" ones. It's really sweet of him and I want us to work out but he's a guy in college. He wants us to work and I want us to work. I just don't think it will. But I really want it to :/ He really does care about me. It means a lot to me. He makes me happy. I'm just never going to see him again. That is what saddens me. It's not cool at all.

Haven't been here in a while.

wow it seems like a long time since I've posted here. We'll here is my life in a nutshell.
1) Deron and I are not dating anymore and I don't think it's going to ever work itself out.
2) I'm dating Will again.
3) Mom and Phil are almost fully divorced.
4) I have a car. Woo Hoo! 1996 Grand Cherokee. It's purple. :D
5) Senior year is almost over which makes me sad but at least I still get to live at home until I move out one day. lol.
6) I miss Christina more and more everyday.
7) I live with Phil and Abbey lives with my mom on the other side of town.

I'm so ready for a break. Summer here I come :D

My birthday

My birthday is January 17, 2010.

I'm stupid

I made a mistake and probably lost any if all respect from Ms. Katie, Deron's mom. I hope she doesn't hate me. I hope she still trusts me. I hope Deron still cares for me even though I caused this huge mess T_T I'm sorry Deron. Please forgive me for being a huge idiot.